This sections contains some step by step guides for most usuefull request...

* Using the "find" feature
* Using the 'Direction...' feature
* Using the GeoBlogger interface

  • Use Joystick to move
  • Fire to switch between Map mode/Satellite mode
  • 1/3 for Zoom in/out
  • 7/9 for Next/Prev selection (during a result of a search for instance)
  • 0 to switch between Google Earth/Virtual Earth data
  • * to enable/disable scale marker
  • # to enable/disable scale marker

Blackberry users:
Use scroll wheel to move up/down. (or keys 3 and 6)
Use shift+scroll wheel to go left/right (or keys 4 and 5)
Space to change from satellite mode from map mode
1/# for Zoom in/out
*/7 to switch between markers

Using the find feature....

First, select the "find..." item in the menu
The,, in the request screen, choose what you want to find, and where... (note: the what field can be left empty...). As you notice, one of my favorite game is to find sushi restaurant anywhere... ;-)
Then, a few seconds, later a list will be displayed (the 10 first items only are displayed). Then, you will see a map (or a satellite display depending of your current browsing mode) displayed
When an item is near the center of the screen, it will be selected (you will see additional information on it). If then you press the fire button, more information will be displayed

Using the "Directions" features:

Basic usage:
* open the direction window, and write your source address and destination address. Then, google map will provide the route to these addresse.
* Then, if you press ok, the path to go to this direction will be displayed.
* one computed, you can reopen the window with the "Show Directions" menu item

Others ways to obtain source and destination address!
* You can use on of your places (stored in "my places") to select either source or destination:
-> My Places -> select  the place you want to use -> From Here will open the Direction window prefilled with you source place
If you want to do the same for destination address, just reopen the MyPlaces window and do the same:
-> MyPlaces -> select the destination place -> To There will now reopen the Direction window filled with this information.

* You can do the same with any of your previous result request
You find sushi, then select the restaurant you want to look at
Then, press "Fire" the detailled view will be displayed.
From here, select "From Here (or To here) to fill your Direction box with this....

You can mix any of these method:
Usually, you do a search and then use the result as this search as a destination point, and use one of your place as a starting point.

Hints and Tips:
- save your home address in MyPlaces
- to be used in the directions, your places must contains a VALID address
- the direction feature does not work on many countries...