Version V0.9.20 Beta...Great features! ;-) Include track recording, compass, navigation, bluetooth export, etc...

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The generic version should work with most of the other phone, but has not been tested. Please, report me if you successfuly make it work on non supported handsets of this list.

Older BB version:
alx:   J2meMap for BlackBerry (alx) (older version, not supported anymore)

Blackberry with GPS enabeld:

alx: J2meMap for BlackBerry GPS enabeld (alx) (olrder version too)

If you have difficulties to download it OTA, you can use the following file: . Download it on you desktop and use your installer (contains both version normal and GPS enabled).

To download directly from your phone, use the following url:

Important:  currently download does not seems to work on some phones, for instance, K700i because my provider mimetype for java application is application/x-java-archive and not application/java-archive, supported by SE...Il try to make it change this...


    *  It require at least a MIDP2.0 phone, with “enough” memory to run, and an HTTP connection…
   * CLDC1.0/1.1

   * JSR179 if present will be used to locate (GPS)
   * JSR82 (Bluetooth) if present will be used to eventually communicate with a Bluetooth enabeld GPS


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