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This section will describe some of the ideas and effort on future evolution of J2MEMap

First, the TODO list:

  • Add more key mapping for Blackberry
  • Improve general blackberry support
The currently implemented features, but not yet depliyed:
  •  Scale bar (to show current scale)
  • Usage of Virtual Earth images (both satellite and map). See some examples:
  • Direct loading of unzipped KML files
  • RMS caching: last tiles are stored in your phone memory, so no need to download them when you restart
Now  the cool stuff:

J2ME Earth:

That's the "mini equivalent" of GoogleEarth on your mobile...It display the globe in 3D , and you can zoom in...
The advantage comparing to 2D version are the following:
* Nice display!
* Zoom is smoother
But the drawback is that you need to have a 3D enabeld phone (it requires JSR184).


The green things are your locations, the one that you store in "MyPlaces"!