News:V 0.9 Beta is here...Check it in the download section: Compass view, picture geotagging, track management, friends,...
Another News:The forum is here! Share your experience.

What is J2ME Map?

  It's  a small interface to GoogleMap that allows you to do the following things:

Legal disclaimer: this work in not related to Google, Google Map, Google Earth or to my employer and is provided as is, without any liability.

This is still in early release, and have only been tested on some SonyEricsson phone, Siemens, Nokia and Motorola phones.

Try it ONLINE using mPowerPlay great simulator
Check also my blog to get some info on it...

Credits for external software used in this project:

Floating point library for J2ME:  henson.midp.Float (C) by Nikolay Klimchuk . Henson Home Page
KXML Parser: Copyright (c) 2002,2003, Stefan Haustein, Oberhausen, Rhld., Germany  KML Page
XmlPull parser: Stefan Haustein and Aleksander Slominski


* Version update: now you can use GAME_C/GAME_D to go through the list of selection (after doing a search for instance)....

Some screenshots:

Result of a research about “sushi” in “san Francisco” One of predefined location: Statue of liberty, new york….
image of san francisco

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